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Are the pods single-use or are they multi-use?
At Pani, we strive to remove as much plastic waste from the environment as possible. That’s why our pods are designed to deliver up to 25 servings each. When you’re done, Pani Pods, which are made out of 100% recyclable metal, can go directly into the recycling bin. No more mail-in programs!
How long do the pods last and how much will they cost?
Depending on the pod, prices range anywhere from $9.95 - $24.95, which works out to approximately $0.33 - $0.83 per serving. Prices are even lower when you get on a subscription plan which will only send out a new pod when you are running low.
How long will the water filters last and how much will they cost?
For a typical household, the water filter will filter 300 gallons and last up to 3 months. The filters are $29.95, and are discounted when you go on a subscription plan.
How will the filters and pods be sold?
They can be purchased directly from our website, and because Pani Source is intelligent and internet-connected, it can automatically send you filters and pods via a hassle-free subscription plan when you're running low, so you're never without clean and healthy water.
How does the water filter work?
Pani water filters use an innovative 3-stage design. Activated carbon effectively removes chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides. An ion-exchange removes heavy metals like lead and mercury. And finally, a sub-micron membrane removes chlorine-resistant cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia. Combined, the filtration elements deliver the purest and safest water for you and your family.
Can I mix-and-match different pods?
Yes! The Pani Source is designed with three pod chambers such that you can mix-and-match pods to your liking. As a matter of fact, you can share and discover "water recipes" with other Pani Source owners, to explore the universe of possibilites that water can provide.
Can I just get a cup of filtered water
Yes! You can choose to dispense clean, crisp, filtered water without using any of the infusion pods. These presets and controls are built into the display screen, and are also customizable via the mobile app.

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